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case 1: Tender Management

Increase your odds of winning open tenders

One of the biggest challenges the pharma industry faces today, is aligning the pricing and tender management strategies on a multinational scale. Tendering in general is a time consuming process involving many different internal stakeholders. Because the number of open tenders will continue to grow, it is time to increase productivity ánd your odds of winning, without slashing the price.


Hospital procurement through open tendering is gaining more and more importance due to changes in the legislation, expiring product patents, and new economic challenges. Within the following years the number of product categories affected will only increase. This situation puts a lot of pressure and responsibility on Key Account Managers (KAM). An international pricing and coordination strategy is essential, as well as a pragmatic approach. More than ever, gathering information from different data sources will become a significant part of the workload.


The IM Smart Tender Management solutions allow you to keep an overview, set priorities and define next steps. Apart from dedicated KAM functionalities, you will be able to manage the entire administrative tendering process, easily process new information, and retrieve insights from previous tenders or use forecasting to identify threats and opportunities. If you integrate our Tender Management tool into your Business Intelligence platform you can take full advantage of all possibilities. You will have immediate access to all the data you need to answer the tender. Also a lessons learned feature and win/loss analysis is included. It will allow your sales teams to enter future tender procedures with more data-based ‘intelligence’. IM Smart Tender Management is a unique tool! We’d be glad to customize the solution to your specific business challenges.

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