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case 4: Customer Engagement and Multi-Channel Management

Gain insight into the communication preferences of healthcare professionals

Limited accessibility to healthcare professionals. A huge diversity of communication channels. Multiple healthcare professional profiles when it comes to how they use these diverse channels, etcetera … In these times, it becomes increasingly important for pharma companies to have access to a smart application that allows them to manage all customer engagement and multi-channel initiatives, and to gain intelligence.


Pharma companies need to determine which digital and/or non-digital communication channels should be used for whom of their healthcare professionals. On the one hand it is important to gain insight into the preferences of these professionals, by analyzing their behavior with regard to channel, subjects, frequency, ... Some communications are managed entirely internally, for others external parties are involved. This results in scattered data about target lists and results. On the other hand, the implementation of a multi-channel vision requires a lot of change management skills from the Territory Manager, because it has an important impact on his/her way of working.


The IM Smart Intelligence platform allows your Customer Engagement Manager to get complete and fast access to all client interactions, feedback, behavior, ... by centralizing data from various data sources. With the acquired intelligence, your organization will be able to communicate with healthcare professionals through their preferred channels. Moreover, it is possible to build in target selection functionality so target groups can be defined in an intelligent way. Last but not least, thanks to our platform the Territory Manager will have a 360° overview of all communications that took place between your company and healthcare professionals, the timing of these exchanges, and the responses. It is the most complete, fact-based input for meetings with clients or prospects.

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