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case 2: In-Pharmacy Presence

Sales performance at a glance

Consumer Healthcare products are usually sold through the pharmacy channel. Whether they are successful or not highly depends on how the in-pharmacy presence was executed. Many factors play an important role, such as visibility, stock, pharmacy staff training, ...


Companies often provide their Territory Managers with data that show how they perform in terms of market share on a regional level. However, a Territory Manager is not always a data expert, which makes it difficult to interpret the figures. What they need is a tool that helps them to understand at a glance where ánd why they have underperformed.


The IM Smart Intelligence platform provides a built-in app that centralizes data related to regional market share, invoicing, realized visits and trainings, as well as an ‘augmented reality’ application (pictures of shelves that are translated to SKU, facings, ...). It is a visually very attractive app with personalized, user-friendly dashboards that give a clear insight into your Territory Manager’s performance. The dashboards also show the reasons which lie behind possible underperformance. Consequently, corrective actions can be taken immediately.

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