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case 5: Key Account Management

Have an in-depth understanding of your client relations at hand

Whether it concerns French pharmacy groups, large veterinary group practices or hospitals, Key Account Managers in the pharmaceutical industry are increasingly confronted with questions about discounts, contributions and all kind of efforts to push and promote products within the pharmacy or the hospital. That is why Key Account Managers are constantly looking for ‘nutrition’ to feed their negotiations and to be able to assess all questions objectively


The Key Account Manager’s responsibilities are very diverse. To be effective and efficient, a KAM needs a huge amount of information near at hand. He/she should be able to thoroughly prepare for meetings, follow up on action points, assess new requests, and so on. Preferably with one all-encompassing tool.


With the IM Smart Intelligence platform, Key Account Managers instantly get an in-depth understanding of the relationship between the pharma company and the Key Accounts, by relating data from purchase platforms and wholesalers with invoice data and field activities. The application focuses on attractiveness, intuitive use, and interactivity. The KAM not only has an instrument to thoroughly prepare for his/her client visits, but also access to explanatory dashboards that can be used during the meetings to immediately respond to the client’s questions.

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