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case 3: Territory Manager’s Assistant

How to boost individual sales performance

Territory Managers prefer to use integrated data from multiple data sources to support their client visits. It gives them the best possible overview of the current client situation, sales possibilities and objectives.


Preparing the perfect pharmacy or veterinary visit requires a great deal of information from a variety of data sources: market share data, historical visit and training activity, contract information, information on visibility and missing products, orders versus invoices, information on segmentation, etc. The ideal intelligent app that provides such amount and diversity of data also allows Territory Managers and sales reps to use the app during client visits. Therefore, the created dashboards should be visually very attractive and intuitive.


The IM Smart Territory Manager’s Assistant is the personal assistant of any Territory Manager or sales rep. All available dashboards are compiled into one app format, so the rep has all necessary information near at hand to quickly prepare for and interactively perform his/her client visits. Everything starts with a clear visualization of your rep’s sales versus target status, financially related as well as on an activity level. Each dashboard puts a different, pre-defined emphasis, shows a different level of detail and a different perspective on the sales goals. The ultimate goal is to boost the individual’s performance.

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