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Frequently Asked Questions

No, IM Smart is no CRM system. But, your CRM system can be one of the sources for IM Smart to extract data from and combine it with data from other sources. Combining different data sources with your CRM system gives you distinct, new insights into your business and your CRM.

All data sources with a fixed structure can provide input to IM Smart. Data sources can vary from CRM, ERP, Production or HR systems to all kinds of Excel files or files from external data providers.

The security of your data is guaranteed. SSL encryption is used to upload your business data in the warehouse in the cloud. The cloud environment runs on IM Associates servers, in highly secured data centers. Your data is at least as safe in our cloud structure as it would be in your own infrastructure.

No. The IM Smart platform runs on IM Associates servers, in highly secured data centers, so you don’t need to buy or maintain the servers. Moreover, IM Smart is available through your web browser, so it can be used with any kind of device without extra software. And we designed a free app for iOS and Android devices. The only thing you need is a smartphone, tablet or computer.

A report is often an ‘Excel-like’ document that gives insight into data, sometimes with charts that explain the figures. A report is mainly based on one data source.

A dashboard can combine several reports and translates the information in strong visuals that clearly explain the figures. A dashboard is easier to read and to understand compared to a report. It brings new insights based on underlying trends.

IM Smart is accessible through your web browser, so the operating system of your device is of no importance. And we designed a free app for iOS and Android devices

IM Smart is dedicated to the healthcare industry, so customized design and implementation can be realized in a shorter lead time. Also, we believe that data should tell a story in order to convince end users to actually work with it. That is why IM Smart allows you to translate your reports and dashboards into an intelligent and user-friendly app.

We provide a secured IM Associates cloud environment. Data and application are hosted in Europe (full details available upon request). You can opt for IM Smart hosting on a dedicated intelligence server or hosting in your own private cloud environment (same SAAS model).

Or, IM Smart can be used as the central intelligence platform to create company-wide reporting and dashboards. Or, you can use IM Smart complementary to the existing data warehouse. In that case, your data warehouse guarantees the centralized collection of all required data, while IM Smart allows to integrate the data into pre-defined (mobile) applications. Through self-service analytics, IM Smart can also be used to combine the available data with ad hoc data sources, to visualize the data or to perform in-depth analyses.

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